Gary Drayton: Wiki Bio, net worth, height, age, wife, kids. (2024)

If you are a fan of treasure hunting, you have probably heard of Gary Drayton. He is the metal-detecting ninja who can find anything from ancient coins to emerald rings. He is also a star of the popular reality TV show, The Curse of Oak Island, where he helps a team of explorers unravel the mysteries of a legendary island in Nova Scotia. But who is Gary Drayton, and how did he become one of the most successful treasure hunters in the world? In this article, we will take a closer look at his life, his career, and his amazing discoveries. You will learn how he started as a bottle digger in England, how he moved to Florida and became a master of metal detecting, and how he joined the Oak Island crew and found some of the most valuable artifacts in the history of the show. You will also get to know his personality, his passion, and his secrets for finding bobby dazzlers and top pocket finds. So, buckle up and get ready for an adventure with Gary Drayton, the king of the bobby dazzlers!

How Rich is Gary Drayton?

Gary Drayton is a famous English treasure hunter and Television Personality. He has a natural talent for uncovering hidden gems, from tiny trinkets to ancient relics. He is one of the stars of The Curse of Oak Island, a reality TV show that follows the quest for the mysterious treasure buried on the island. Gary uses his metal detector as his magic wand, scanning the ground for clues and signals. He blends modern technology with his sharp intuition, making him an invaluable member of the team. Gary does not follow the conventional rules of treasure hunting, but his unconventional methods have paid off handsomely. He has discovered priceless treasures, such as Spanish coins, gold rings, emerald jewelry, and bronze ship spikes. He has also shared his wisdom and experience in several books on treasure hunting and metal detectors. His net worth is estimated at USD 3.2 Million.

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From Mudlarking to Treasure Hunting

Gary Drayton was born on May 30, 1961, in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England. He had three siblings and attended school in his hometown, where he also developed a passion for finding old artifacts. He spent his childhood mudlarking along the riverbanks, digging up coins, bottles, pipes, and other items from the 1600s and earlier. His most ancient discovery was a Roman perfume bottle that dated back to the time of the Roman Empire.

Gary continued his hobby of bottle digging in the UK, searching for Victorian trash pits that contained valuable relics. He also became interested in metal detecting and acquired an old army metal detector. He decided to move to South Florida, where he hoped to find more treasures on the beaches. He was not disappointed, as he soon found a Spanish Silver Piece of Eight on his first day. A few months later, he made an even more remarkable find: a gold and emerald ring from the 1715 Spanish Fleet that had sunk in a hurricane. This discovery made him famous and sparked his career as a professional treasure hunter.

In the years that followed, Gary dug up hundreds of Gold Rings, Jewelry of all types, Coins, Silver, Rolex, Bronze Ship Spikes, War Artifacts, and Spanish Treasure. An unorthodox beach hunter, Gary is credited for having the 3P’s of treasure hunting, Patience, Persistence, and Preservance.

Gary Drayton: The Minelab Master

One of the best things to describe Gary’s techniques is, out-of-the-box. The man uses unorthodox techniques that are often mixed with instinct. He is not only a hunter, but also a writer and a teacher. He loves the Minelab detectors and has been using them since his first one, the EXCALIBUR. He has tried many different models of Minelab, such as the GPX 5000, the Equinox 800, and the CTX 3030. He never goes hunting without a Minelab by his side. He says,

“As any long-time Minelab user will tell you, the only way to beat a Minelab is by using another Minelab so I always have other specialist tools in the old tool shed.”

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Gary Drayton is not only a treasure hunter, but also a treasure writer. He has shared his knowledge and experience in many books about treasure-hunting and metal-detecting, such as:

  • The Shallow Water ‘Hunter’s Guide to South Florida’ (2010), where he reveals the secrets of finding treasures in shallow waters.
  • Metal Detecting for Spanish Treasure (2011), where he teaches how to locate and identify Spanish coins and relics.
  • Hardcore Beach Hunting (2012), where he shows how to hunt for gold and silver on the beaches.
  • How to Read the Beach and Water ( 2013), where he guides how to understand the signs and signals of the beach and water.
  • The CTX 3030 Beach and Water Hunter’s Guide (2014), where he explains how to use the Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector for beach and water hunting.

You can buy his books on his official website (, where you can also find treasure-hunting lessons and merchandise.

Television Career

Gary Drayton is not only a treasure hunter and author, but also a TV star. His fame as a Spanish treasure finder attracted the attention of Hollywood producers, who invited him to join The Curse of Oak Island. This is a reality show that follows the adventures of the Lagina brothers and their crew, who are exploring the mysteries and treasures of Oak Island, Nova Scotia. Gary joined the show in 2016 as the metal-detecting expert and has been a regular cast member ever since. He has appeared in 137 episodes until 2023, making many exciting discoveries along the way.

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According to, Gary Drayton’s other television appearances include:

  • Expedition Unknown (2015-2017): He appeared as himself in 4 episodes of this adventure series that follows explorer Josh Gates around the world.
  • Caribbean Pirate Treasure (2017): He appeared as himself in 1 episode of this series that follows Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau as they investigate stories of lost pirate treasure.
  • The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down (2017-2021): He appeared as himself in 8 episodes of this companion series that features interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and special guests related to The Curse of Oak Island.

Taking Pleasure in his Work

Gary’s life is full of adventure and mystery. He is a master of treasure hunting, a skill that has earned him a fortune over the years. But behind the glitter and glamour, there are stories that only he knows. Stories of joy and sorrow, of hope and despair, of loss and recovery. One such story happened on a fateful day in May 2014. Gary narrates:

“I returned home at 7 pm last night after a fun day with the wife and girls at a Palm Beach water park. Checking my emails after returning home, I had just received a message from Adam in Boca Raton telling me his wife had lost her 18K ring inside the water a few hours earlier. Adam had googled treasure hunting and gold rings, no prizes for guessing who’s new website he came across. I got changed and met him at the beach in Boca and within an hour of his initial email I pulled out this honking big 18K ring with 1 + carat rock out of the water. It was high tide and getting dark when I found the ring, no CNN cameras, or bottle of champagne for this treasure hunter, just the satisfaction of making a nice married couple very happy.”

Social Media Presence

Gary Drayton has a strong social media presence, especially on Instagram and Facebook. He has 60K followers on his Instagram account @gary.drayton, where he posts photos and videos of his treasure hunting adventures, his family, his merchandise, and his TV appearances. He also has 53K followers on his Facebook page Gary Drayton, where he shares similar content and interacts with his fans. He is very active and engaging on social media and often responds to comments and questions from his followers.

Personal Life

Wife & Kids:

Gary Drayton is a happily married man and a father of two daughters.He has been married to Jennifer Gail Sauve since December 17, 1996.They dated for several years before tying the knot in Las Vegas, Nevada.They have two daughters, Anya and Katya Drayton. Gary and his family enjoy treasure hunting together and he calls his daughters “trainee pirates”.

Gary is very proud and supportive of his family and often shares photos of them on his Instagram account.He also follows Christianity and is of British origin. He has said that his family is his real treasure and that he values them more than anything.

Physical Traits

Gary Drayton has a standing height of 5 feet 10 inches or 178 cm and weighs around 158 lbs or 72 kg. He often wears a hat and a vest when he is metal detecting and has brown eyes. He also has a distinctive British accent and a cheerful personality.

Wiki/Bio Facts

NameGary Drayton
Age62 years old
BirthdateMay 30, 1961
BirthplaceGrimsby, Lincolnshire, England
NationalityBritish American
Height5 feet 10 inches or 178 cm
Weight (about)158 lbs or 72 Kg
ParentsNeil Drayton
CareerTelevision personality, Treasure Hunter, Metal Detecting Expert
Net worth$3.2 Million
WifeJennifer Drayton
ChildrenAnya Drayton, Katya Drayton
Social Media HandleFacebook,Instagram

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Gary Drayton: Wiki Bio, net worth, height, age, wife, kids. (2024)


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