Gary Drayton's Metal Detecting Skills in Treasure Hunting Cannot Be Understated (2024)


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Feb 4, 2022 @ 10:13 EST

Gary Drayton's Metal Detecting Skills in Treasure Hunting Cannot Be Understated (1)

Gary Drayton is an American television personality well-recognized for his catchphrase 'Bobby Dazzler' to indicate a valuable finding, as well as a treasure hunter in the documentary series The Curse of Oak Island, the brainchild of the Lagina Family. Besides TV, he is a writer, YouTuber, treasure hunter, metal detector, and a famous social media personality in America.

The Curse of Oak Island and its variations star the Lagina Brothers, Marty and Rick Lagina, with a lot of their family members like their nephew Peter Fornetti and Marty's son Alex Lagina also feature regularly.

Treasure Hunter Gary Drayton Is a Family Man of All Things

Gary Drayton was born on May 30, 1961, in Lincolnshire, England, and his nickname is Metal Detecting Ninja. The 5'10" TV personality's sun sign is Gemini and weighs 83 kg. He is English by nationality & graduated from the University of England. Besides, Drayton is a metal detecting expert and treasure hunter by profession. He spent most of his childhood in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, England.

Gary Drayton's Metal Detecting Skills in Treasure Hunting Cannot Be Understated (2)Metal detecting in any sort of scenario is his expertise.
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Gary Drayton, Instagram

Drayton, who turns 63 in May 2022, is a married man. He married his wife Jennifer Gail Sauve in December 1996, and the couple is living a happily married life having recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. They dated for several years before the marriage. The beautiful couple has two loving children named Anya and Katya. The treasure hunter often shares his daughter's pictures on social media. The couple resides in Florida at the moment.

The social media influencer runs a YouTube channel and is quite active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Drayton has around 53,000 followers and 818 posts, where he often shares photos relating to his family and treasure hunting. He is also active on Twitter. He has a huge fan following on his YouTube channel as well, where he uploads daily videos.

Career, TV Series, and Other Endeavors

The 43-year-old TV personality started his career at a very young age. He used to look for materials with a metal detecter on the beaches, inspired by his father. Drayton searched for many materials in the sea and found watches, rings, coins, clay pipes, doll heads, and war aircraft for several years. His oldest find was a Roman perfume bottle.

After a year, he became a metal detector expert and impressed everyone with his skills. The social media influencer, Drayton, considers himself the luckiest person and loves writing beach and water treasure hunting-related books. He also gives private treasure hunting lessons.

Gary Drayton's Metal Detecting Skills in Treasure Hunting Cannot Be Understated (3)Perks of the job.
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Apart from writing blogs and teaching lessons, he rose to prominence after numerous treasure hunting shows, which are top-rated in America, including The Curse of Oak Island in 2016. Gary got the attention of Hollywood producers and soon started featuring in TV shows. Drayton is always introduced as a metal detection expert. He has appeared in more than 55 episodes, working as a recurring member during the second and fourth seasons, and officially joined the cast from the fifth season. Moreover, he has been a permanent member ever since.

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The talented treasure hunter's techniques are out of the box using unorthodox methods mixed with instinct. Gary is an author and an instructor apart from treasure hunting. As a big fan of Minelab, his first Minelab metal detector was EXCALIBUR. He has used a wide variety of Minelab's over the years including, GPX 5000, Equinox 800, and CTX 3030. Gary prefers to have Minelab by his side all the time. His dedication has brought him a considerable amount of success over the years.

Treasure Hunting Continues to Bolster Gary Drayton's Net Worth

The American television personality first worked as a bottle digger for many years. After then, his interest blossomed into metal detecting, and he moved to South Florida. He found several valuable materials like Spanish Silver Piece of Eight, Spanish Fleet Gold, Emerald & hundreds of Gold rings, Silver, Rolex, War Artifacts, and many more. Drayton is an active member of Minelab, where he has discovered many detecting machines. One of his most valuable finds is a 300-year-old Emerald Treasure Ring worth $500,000.

Gary Drayton's Metal Detecting Skills in Treasure Hunting Cannot Be Understated (4)Drayton is a devoted husband and father as well.
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Gary Drayton, Instagram

The talented author is a well-known character for his appearances in more than 55 episodes. He appeared in other treasure hunting shows like Expedition Unknown, The Curse of Civil War Gold, The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down, and the more recent version, Beyond Oak Island. His appearance in the shows gained him a large amount of money and fame. Moreover, he is a writer and has published books like Hardcore Beach Hunting and How to Read the Beach and Water. All in all, his estimated net worth is $3 million.

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Drayton's primary source of income is out of being a metal detector. He earns a lot of money through his career as a metal detective, writing, and making blogs. He also earns by finding out metals, gold, diamonds, and many valuable things. His net worth is assumed to be increasing as he is still working and achieving his goals. The richest TV personality spends a luxurious life with his family in England, and there is no official information about his houses, cars, and mansions.

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Gary Drayton's Metal Detecting Skills in Treasure Hunting Cannot Be Understated (2024)


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