Gary Drayton Net Worth 2023; Income, Age, Wife & Biography (2024)

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Who is Gary Drayton?

Gary Drayton (nicknamed – Metal Detecting Ninja) is an English treasure hunter and television star. Gary Drayton, a treasure-hunting trainer, and television personality, recently achieved nationwide fame for his appearance on the History Channel reality series, The Curse of Oak Island. He is among the great legends of Oak Island. In 2023, Gary Drayton’s net worth is around $3 Million.

Real Name: Gary Drayton
Date of birth:May 30, 1961
Birthplace:Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK
Wife:Jennifer Gail Sauvé
Profession:Metal Detecting Expert, Author, and TV Personality
Gary Drayton Net Worth 2023:$3 million

Early Life

Gary was born on May 30, 1961, in Lincolnshire, England. By profession, he is a renowned metal-detecting expert. Gary Drayton, an author, spent his formative years at Sir John Franklin School. From an early age, Gary was quite an adventurous guy. Gary is a graduate of theUniversity of England.

Gary Drayton has been digging for treasure since he was a youngster. Gary’s passion for digging started when he was about 10 years old and discovered a marble buried in the dirt near his home.

From then on, he began looking for anything fancy items like marbles, clay pipes, old bottles, or doll heads. He would spend hours digging through the dirt and debris near his home until he finally unearthed whatever it was that caught his attention.

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He studied at Sir John Franklin’s school. When he started his great professional career, he was very young. He also became a good author and mental detecting expert. He also started his YouTube channel that is” Crossbonesnation” where he shows his talent.

Personal Life

Gary Drayton is married to a woman Jennifer Gail Sauvé we don’t know very well about his wife. He has two daughters named Katya and Anya. Gary has been married for over 10 years and the couple seems to be extremely happy.

His daughters are both very active in their respective religious faiths and seem to be doing well academically. Gary seems to be a very loving father, who diligently spends time with his daughters.

His fans have also wanted about his family and current status. That is the reason for his achievements in his life.

Age, Height, and Weight

In 2023, Gary Drayton was 62 years old. His height is 5 feet 10 inches. His weight is approximately 83 kg.

Professional Life

Gary Drayton started his professional career at a very small age. Gary Drayton migrated to the United States in 1989 and quickly found a passion for metal detecting.

He started taking his detector to the beaches and began finding expensive gems like gemmed rings, watches, war artifacts, and precious old rusty items.

He focuses on places other people find difficult to access Gary Drayton is a professional metal detectorist who has traveled to some of the most difficult-to-access places on Earth.

He uses a combination of metal detectors and optical scanners to ensure he’s always in the right place. Gary has found coins, jewelry, and even pieces of historical armor at some of these locations. He has also helped archaeologists uncover artifacts that would have otherwise been lost forever.

Gary Drayton is a treasure hunter who has found some very expensive items. One of his most prized possessions is a 300-year-old Emerald Treasure Ring worth around $500,000, a 1715 Spanish ring made from Inca gold and a set with 9 emeralds, a 22K gold coin ring with 40 diamonds, a yard of 14K gold, a Roman perfume bottle dating from the Roman Occupation.

Gary Drayton is a metal detecting enthusiast and author who has written books write the first book on the subject – A Guide to Searching Heavily Hunted Beaches and Metal Detecting For Dummies explains how one can succeed with a metal detector.

Drayton provides detailed instructions on how to find coins at popular beaches around the country. He also provides tips on how to value Older coins and shares his knowledge of rare coins and authentication.

After this, he launched his own company. A few years later he showed his other few companies. He started his career he looking at materials. He finds like ring watches and expensive things.

Gary Drayton is also an author. Gary Drayton is most famous for his role as J.D. Payne on the television series “The Curse of Oak Land” and also appeared on Travel Channel’s reality show “Expedition Unknown”.

In both series, Gary was known for his daredevil stunts and overall entertaining personality. Gary Drayton has many achievements in his life like the Melody Maker Producer award won in i993.


”I got really, really good at finding Rolexes and diamond rings.” (Business Insider)

”That’s the thing about England. You’re walking over history. I was always fascinated with it.”

”There’s snow business like snow business.”

”The beach always has my money!”

”Always be yourself, unless you can be a treasure hunter.”

Social Media Links

Gary Drayton had more than 4.894 followers on Twitter. Gary Drayton is a very popular personality on social media and has personally shared his photos and videos on social media sites to engage his fans. Gary Drayton is also a famous YouTuber and he started his YouTube Journey on 13 Feb 2013. Here are some social media links available that follow Gary Drayton. Gary Drayton’s net worth 2023 is around $3 million.

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Gary Drayton’s Net Worth & Income in 2023

In 2023, Gary Drayton’s net worth is around $3 million. His salary is currently not available. Gary Drayton is a professional metal-detecting expert who has found at least $1 million worth of expensive items over the past few years.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the nationality of Gary Drayton?

Gary Drayton holds the nationality of British.

  • Who is the wife of Gary Drayton?

Gary Drayton’s wife’s name is Jennifer Gail Sauvé.

  • What is Gary Drayton’s best find?

Gary Drayton is an American treasure hunter and the most successful finder of Spanish 1715 fleet emerald treasure rings. He found his first ring while on a beach opposite the wreck site of the Spanish galleon “Nuestra Senora de las nieves” in 2003. The rings are made out of green and yellow gold, with diamonds and emeralds embedded in them. Gary has since found 10 more rings and is currently working on finding the remaining 3.

  • Where is Gary Drayton now?

Gary Drayton is a self-proclaimed treasure hunter who has spent the majority of his adult life traveling to countries all over the world in search of Spanish treasure. Recently, he relocated to south Florida where he has become infatuated with the hunt and spends most of his time scouring through archaeological sites for valuable artifacts.

  • How rich is Gary Drayton?

Gary Drayton’s net worth is around $3 million.

Gary Drayton Net Worth 2023; Income, Age, Wife & Biography (2024)


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