Escape From Tarkov: Interchange Map Guide 2022 – Exits, Loot, Keys & Stashes (2024)

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On the Map Interchange in Escape from Tarkov, many players are still chasing the notorious boss Killa in 2022. In this guide to the Interchange map we will show you everything about the most important loot spots, spawns, exits, and keys and give you the most important tips.

That's why you should read this guide: Here you will learn everything you need to know about the map interchange, from the best loot spots to the hidden stashes and the most dangerous areas of the map. Of course, we'll also help you find those locked rooms, as well as the mechanics you need to know to be able to enter some of these rooms on the map. We also show you all the spawns, so you know where to watch out from the start and all the exits to be able to leave the map quickly and safely.

Here's what to expect in the Map Interchange 2022 Guide

  • Spawns
  • Extracts
  • Landmarks
  • The best loot spots
  • All hidden stash locations
  • Findable Keys on Interchange
  • Usable Keys on Interchange
  • Tactics for fighting Boss and Scavs

Spawns, Exits, and Landmarks on the Tarkov Map Interchange in 2022

The most essential information before the raid: Even before you jump on the map interchange for the first time, you should take this information into account.

  • The maximum raid time is 40 minutes.
  • Up to 14 players (PMCs) can spawn.
  • There are 6 exits on the map.
  • Killa patrols the mall.

All Spawn Points on the Interchange Map

Of course, Interchange also has a wide variety of spawn points, which in this case are distributed around the large shopping center. On Interchange, the best spawns are close to the mall to get that rare loot quickly, and more importantly, to avoid getting into a fight in the open area shortly after spawning. There are a total of 24 different spawn points on the map, some of which are quite close together.

  • 3 spawns at the “Emercom Checkpoint” exit.
  • 3 spawns near the “Hole in the Fence” exit.
  • 3 spawns near the OLI back entrance.
  • 3 spawns on the side of the OLI near the cargo parking lot.
  • 6 spawns on the highway.
  • 3 spawns near the “Railway Exfil” exit
  • 2 spawns on the side of the IDEA
  • 1 spawn on the site of the “Power Station V-EX” exit.

Escape From Tarkov: Interchange Map Guide 2022 – Exits, Loot, Keys & Stashes (3)

All known spawn points on Interchange.

All Exits on the Map Interchange

There are a total of 6 exits on Interchange. Among these are normal exits, which you can use without certain requirements, as well as exits for which you need to carry a few rubles with you. There is also a Co-Op Exit, which you can only use in conjunction with a Scavs (if you are a PMC yourself) or vice versa. For the “Hole in the Fence” exit, you are not allowed to carry a backpack yourself in order to be able to use it.

The last special exit is the “Saferoom Exfil” there you must have activated the power in the Power Station first. Afterward, you have to go to the “Burger Spot” restaurant on the upper floor of the shopping center and use a urinal in the toilet area there to use the 11SR key card behind it. Only then does the exit in the underground car park of the shopping center open.

Exits that PMCs and Scavs can use:

  • Emercom Checkpoint
  • Railway Exfil
  • Scav Camp – This is where PMC and Scav need to get out together

PMC exits on the Interchange map

  • Hole in the Fence - Only without a backpack
  • Power Station V-Ex - 5000 rubles
  • Saferoom Exfil - Switch on the electricity and use the key card in the toilet from the “Burger Spot”.

Escape From Tarkov: Interchange Map Guide 2022 – Exits, Loot, Keys & Stashes (4)

Here you can find all exits for the EFT Map Interchange.

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Landmarks on the Map Interchange

There are a few points on the outside of the Mall that you can use to orientate yourself. However, since you can see the large shopping center in the middle of the map from any position, it is best to always use this as a guide. When you arrive at the shopping center, things look different.

The most striking points here are the three big stores on the first floor: IDEA, OLI & Goshan. You can use these shops to determine which part of the mall you are in. Another good landmark is the path that runs through the center of the mall. But beware, here you often meet Killa!

  • IDEA
  • OLI
  • Goshan
  • Kiba Gun Shop
  • Central corridor with escalators
  • Hole in the ground to the underground parking area

Scav Activity, Boss Location & Tactics for the Battles on Interchange

The Mall: In addition to the numerous players that you will probably encounter inside the mall, there are also a few dangerous places where some Scavs usually cavort. In the three big stores, i.e., the IDEA, the OLI, and the Goshan, there are regularly some scavs, especially later in the raid.

There are also some trigger-happy NPCs in the underground car park, especially under the IDEA and the OLI, as well as in the loading area behind the OLI. As far as the area in the mall is concerned, you should also keep an eye on the aisle from the first floor and the second floor. Scavs like to patrol there too.

The Outdoor Area: There aren't that many Scavs around the shopping center, but you should pay particular attention to two points because there are often many Scavs in one place:

  • Power Station: There are several Scavs cavorting here, which are sometimes well hidden.
  • Highway: On the other side of the map, there is the Highway, on which various NPCs are causing trouble. So be careful here too.

Escape from Tarkov Boss Killa - Where to Meet him and what to Watch Out for

You can only encounter a single boss on Interchange. This boss is Killa, a heavily armored and very aggressive fellow. You'll often meet him in the middle of the mall, but he can be found almost anywhere indoors, including the underground garage or upstairs.

What you should know: Killa uses fully automatic weapons to fire at his target and uses various grenades to zigzag towards his opponent and corner them.

How To Defeat Him: To defeat Killa, you'll want to pack good ammo, as his helmet and armor can easily stop most basic ammo. Another strategy is shooting at his legs, with high-damage ammo and high-fire rate weapons, but it's not as effective now.

All Important Information about Killa

  • Killa can patrol anywhere, but will regularly be in the middle of the mall.
  • Killa wears strong armor, so you need good ammo.
  • Killa uses fully automatic weapons and grenades to corner the player.
  • Killa has a 20 % spawn chance.
  • Killa must be killed once each for 2 different tasks, and 100 times for another task.

You can find the best Loot and all Hidden Stashes on Interchange 2022 in the Following Places

Here's what you should look for to find the best loot: The Map Interchange offers some good loot spots, but these can be summed up pretty quickly. Even if you can find some loot in almost every store and everywhere, there are a handful of excellent spots that you should definitely have on your radar.

  1. The power station has a lot of loot in a small area: several jackets, toolboxes, PCs, and individual loot in the cupboards as well as a few smaller spots outside. Absolutely worth it!
  2. In addition to ready-made modded weapons, the Kiba weapon shop also offers some weapon boxes and attachments, but you need two keys and have to turn on the power.
  3. The electronics stores in front of the OLI. There is a shop with a lot of electronic loot on the first floor and on the second floor, which is usually very valuable.
  4. The Medical Storage Room. There you require a key again, which is relatively rare and expensive. Also, the power must be on. In return, you have the chance to get LEDX, defibrillators, and other rare medical loot.

All Hidden Stash Locations on the EFT Map Interchange

Why are stashes so good? In these little hiding places, you can find almost every item in the game. So every stash you loot gives you the opportunity to make a massive catch. You can not only increase your loot as a PMC, but also as a Scav you often have the chance to take a few very popular items with you from the raid. On the following map of the 2022 Escape From Tarkov Map Interchange, we have drawn all the stashes.

Escape From Tarkov: Interchange Map Guide 2022 – Exits, Loot, Keys & Stashes (5)

There is no better card for stashes on Interchange! (Source: TarkovWiki)

Everything about the Keys you can use on Interchange

Interchange doesn't have as many keys as Shoreline or Customs, but there are some really valuable and good keys and areas that those keys can open. Below, we list all the keys that open the locked doors on Interchange.

Usable Keys on Interchange

  • OLI Administration Office - Key to a small office in OLI.
  • OLI Logistics Department Office -Key to another office in OLI.
  • OLI Outlet Utility Room -Key to the storage room in the OLI.
  • OLI Cash Register -Key to the cash desks in the OLI.
  • IDEA Cash Register - Key to the tills in the IDEA.
  • Goshan Cash Register -Keys to the cash registers in the Goshan.
  • Power Substation Utility Cabin - Key to the storage room at the Power Station.
  • NecrusPharm Pharmacy -Key to a little pharmacy on the escalator in front of IDEA.
  • Kiba Arms Outer Door -Key to the outer door of the Kiba Weapons Shop.
  • Kiba Arms Inner Grate Door - Key to the inner door of the Kiba Gun Shop.
  • EMERCOM Medical Unit -Key to one of the doors of the EMERCOM medical wing.
  • ULTRA Medical Storage - Key to the medical loot storage room on the first floor.
  • Object 21WS Keycard -Key card to open a container outside.
  • Object 11SR Keycard - Key card to open the “Saferoom Exfils” exit.

More Escape From Tarkov Map Guides

Every tip mentioned in this guide has been practically tested by our team to ensure you receive reliable and accurate information.


Escape From Tarkov: Interchange Map Guide 2022 – Exits, Loot, Keys & Stashes (6)

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