Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map: Extraction Points, Best Loot Spots, Boss Guide (2024)

Escape from Tarkov Interchange can be a tricky map to master, but with our guide you'll be covered on where to extract, how to beat Killa, and the best loot locations.

Whether you're running through the endless labyrinth looking for technology stores or simply running away from the scav boss, Killa, Interchange offers a complex and diverse experience seen on no other map. Interchange, being a "mega-mall," offers loot that makes scavengers froth at the mouth, the only issue is nobody knows how to find it. Interchange's dark, gloomy and desolate setting emits feelings of bewilderment and overwhelms the player, forcing them to wander into the unknown resulting in a swift and brutal end. However, there are specific measures we can take to familiarize ourselves with the unforgiving nature of Interchange.

Within this guide, we are going to offer you the key to survival within Escape from Tarkov's Interchange, giving tips on the best loot spots, extractions, scav boss guide and best keys for the map. Hopefully, you will understand how to fully maximise profits and dog tags, ripping both from the enemy you slaughtered in the name of survivorship, allowing you to comfortably operate around the map through reaping its rewards and causing havoc.

Table of Contents

  • Escape from Tarkov Interchange extracts
  • Interchange Scav Boss - Killa
  • Interchange - Best loot spots and Keys
    • How to Turn Interchange Power on

Escape from Tarkov Interchange extracts

Priceless loot is worthless if you can't extract it, especially when you've spent forty minutes being weighed down and running at a minimal pace to an extract you can't locate. However, Interchange extracts are relatively easy to remember, unfortunately, they can be dangerous as they are the easiest extracts to successfully camp due to the open space and concealment.

Here's a list of all the extracts along with the requirements:

Emercon Checkpoint-
Hole in the FenceNo backpack equipped
Power Station Vehicle Exit (V-Ex)₽5000 per player - maximum of four players
Railway Exfil


Scav Camp (Co-Op)

PMC and friendly scav

Saferoom Exfil

1. Turn on the power at the power station

2. Flush urinal in the "burger spot" restaurant

3. Swipe 11SR Keycard at the revealed keycard pannel

NOTE: The lever to open the Object 14 container can be found within the extraction

Every player will have access to either Emercon Checkpoint or Railway Exfil every raid, depending on where they initially spawned. Both of these extracts are located in grassy and open locations, meaning that players are likely to hide and wait for extracting players. Now, there is never a specific location players typically hide, therefore, please remain vigilant and scour the area for any movements - grenades will be helpful.

Saferoom Exfil should usually be operated in times of desperation or by high-level players due to the complexity and money that comes with opening the extract. The 11SR Keycard needed to open the door is available on the flea market for upwards of ₽300,000 and this only obtains you fifteen usages, then you'll have to purchase the keycard again. The burger spot restaurant is named "бургер спот," to find it find follow the central northern stairs (two escalators opposite each other) and walk up the one facing the direction of Emercon Checkpoint. Once up the stairs, go left and you'll see the famous "бургер спот," the urinal is in the toilet; flush it and scan the keycard. To find the Saferoom Exfil, go back down the stairs and head towards "OLI," once arriving near OLI you'll find a hole in the ground leading to the underground near the technology store "Rasmussen," head down there turn left and look for the bright light with another small hole in the wall. There, you will find a door, congratulations, you've made it; bet you wish you took Railway or Emercon.

Interchange Scav Boss - Killa

Firstly, we're going to tell you immediately where Killa spawns to prevent any surprise attacks: In the parking garage sections "A" and "D," In the IDEA, OLI and Goshan stores and around the centre stores on the first and second floor of the mall - very vague. Unfortunately, that's all the news on Killa's location due to his agility and tendency to constantly relocate. However, we can educate warriors who attempt to destroy this individual by telling you his potential equipment and weaponry:

  • RPK-16
  • PP-19-01 "Vityaz" Submachine gun
  • Kalashnikov AKMS
  • 6B13 M "Killa" Armour
  • Maska-1Sch "Killa" Bulletproof Helmet
  • Grenades/Flashbangs/Smokes

It is recommended to avoid being spotted by Killa due to his level of aggression and speed, once spotted he will often chase you far out of his patrol route, so ensure you run incredibly far before considering whether or not you're safe. Nevertheless, if you're going to kill him you're going to need: access to cover, high-penetration ammunition (5.56x45 M995, 5.45x39 BS) and a fast-shooting weapon with a large magazine capacity such as a P90 or RPK with a 95-round drum magazine. Due to Killa running towards his prey with disregard for his own life, you're going to want a weapon that has both stopping power and rate of fire, shredding Killa's armour and ripping him from his life.

When battling him, you're going to want access to cover and a clear line of sight; agility and speed are Killa's friends, and he is going to fight you in the dark, light, at a distance, close-up, therefore it's best you choose the best environment for you as Killa doesn't care. When firing at Killa, take short bursts if playing from a distance and don't spend too long adjusting your aim otherwise he will kill you. If playing closely, wait for him to come to you and plough him with ammunition until his body hits the floor.

Random Tarkov trivia: Killa is the brother to Factory scav boss Tagilla - makes sense, right?

Interchange - Best loot spots and Keys

Interchange, being a mega mall, offers an incredible amount of loot in every raid. Players, if civilised, would be able to share and profit massively off a singular Interchange run, but unfortunately, we're all greedy and want everything for ourselves. The most profitable loot on this map is technology items, such as graphics cards, military cables and tetriz's. Fortunately, there are three technology stores throughout the map known as "Technlight," "TEXHO" and "Rasmussen" and they are all within close range of each other.

These stores are located by the Oli region of the map, Techlight is by the top of the escalator closest to Oli, TEXHO is at the bottom of that escalator and Rasmussen is next to the hole in the ground leading the previously mentioned saferoom exfil. Each of these stores is incredibly high traffic due to the loot they obtain, ranging from GPUs, power supply units, power cords, military power cords, SSD, CPU fans, tetriz, military circuit boards and all of the similar.

Here are the following useful keys, although Interchange doesn't have many:

Kiba Arms outer door key

Kiba Store (centre stairs)


Weapons and Mods
Kiba Arms inner gate door key

Kiba store (centre stairs)


Weapons and Mods
ULTRA medical storage key

Pharmacy opposite Techlight

(requires power turned on)

LEDx and medical supplies
OLI cash register keyOLI cash registersRoubles (100k+)
Goshan cash register keyGoshan cash registers

Roubles (100k+)

IDEA cash register keyIDEA cash registersRoubles (100k+)

How to Turn Interchange Power on

As seen within the Extracts image above, the power station is located behind IDEA and the vehicle extract. To turn the power on, simply walk inside the power station and head towards the office downstairs (easy to find) just outside the door on the wall is a handle, and you'll be given the option to turn on the power. After this, you'll be able to enter the Kiba Arms weapon shop, ULTRA Medical storage and extract out the saferoom.Hopefully, these key locations are easy to find, the Kiba store as mentioned is to the right of the centre stairs - be careful, Killa and players are often around this high traffic for players.

To note, players will know when power has been turned on as alarms will sound within the mall. Although the alarm sounds in only certain places on the map, players will still know where you are if they hear the alarm, so don't hang around within the power station for too long!

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Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map: Extraction Points, Best Loot Spots, Boss Guide (2024)


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